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Structuring the portfolio of offering
and USP of your brand.

Defining the breadth & depth
of your brand.

Brand architecture lets you define the orientation of your business. How your audience can engage, connect and inspire from you, that planning out is said to be establishing the brand architecture.

As an agency, everything we do is helping businesses to manage their perception with the audience’s point of view. We intend to serve a valuable tool for combining marketing, efficiency, and performance. We focus on defining the breadth and depth of your brand.

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Bringing a new level of evolution

If your product is meant for the customers, then customers should know about, what, why and when to use your product along with the how and where they can get your product. To answer their question, you have to question yourself first. Writing down these builds brand architecture. By establishing the purpose of the product creation to deliver them to the customers, we bring the new level of evolution in branding.

Aligning brand architecture

Although you have known about the extinctions of the brand architecture. Here at Pix Brand, our team of experts is armed with mindful strategies and thrive to build the perception beautifully. With an efficiency branding strategy to communicate, we have got all this for your brand. No matter if its:


Brand House


House of brands


Hybrid Brand

Crafting roadmap for present & future success.

Pix Brand defines the different levels within your brand and provides a strategy that maintains the relationships between services, component and its uniqueness. This results in making up your business’s offerings with an estimation of future success rates. This helps both employees and customers to understand your brand better. With the help of a roadmap, it’s easier for you to define your brand to both your audience as well as the team.


Branding agency with solid brand architecture experience

Already an established brand? Planning for launching a new product? You need an agency that can steer your existing coup with loyalty maintaining the trust and establish a modernize brand tone. Then you are at the right place, Pix Brand for years delivering the business an expert brand architecture that reflects the branding agency with solid brand architecture experience.

Pix Brand, where creativity & science meet.

It seems technical but hitting the audience’s mind, there comes logic with creativity. You cannot randomly run campaigns when you don’t know about the human mind, life ethics and perception of your audience. There, science plays a vital role. We intend to read the different human tendencies and craft creative campaigns according to the auc=dience’s mind. It’s important to analyze the audience’s reaction, engaging ability, and their perception in order to connect with them for life.

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