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Crafting & recreating brand style guide
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Perfect color scheme, perfect tone, perfect font, everything element that defines a brand is unique in its own way. Once, its finalized it can never be changed and that is said to be the brand guidelines.

Pix Brand understands the significance of each and every element used to establish a brand. Whether its color tone, font, typography, or artifact, we know what reflects you beat. we craft a brand manual that defines your brand easily and proudly.

Web design

Putting ideas into focus Let us help you visualize your dream

In general, the logo is recognized as the identity f any brand. mostly people are unaware of the importance and significance of the brand style guide. Your business comes up with a unique idea that reflects in a logo. Crafting a logo is. not enough to define your business. We with a focus put ideas into an art that is the visual asset of your dream that recognized as the rulebook of your brand. We craft a brand manual for you.

A journey from just concepts to real

It takes a lot of brainstorming sessions, research & development to craft a simple logo. People do think merely, crafting a logo doesn’t take so much time. Its a journey from just concepts to real. A brand style guide builds with:


Brand Story


Brand Signature


Brand Style Guide

Because small details make the perfect design

Just like a picture made of pixels, a design is created with a lot of thoughts, ideas, and single detail that gives a big meaning to a design. Every element has a meaning, be it a dot, any symbol, font, alphabets or color. This meaning reflects your brand with a deep thought behind and we craft that rulebook for your brand. This will further carry your brand identity and brand position.


A brand style guide is a holistic set of standards

A brand rulebook defines your company goals & values. It sets the rules for each and every detail for your brand like brand tone, grammar, language, logo usage, colors, tagline, visuals and more. Your brand gets an idea approach, we craft & define every detail that reflects your brand and no one can duplicate your details in any sense.

Be creative with discipline

There are enormous mediums where you have to present your brands. Every field has its guidelines. Set your brand assets that is applicable to most of the media. Be creative keeping all the disciplines other domains in mind. No idea about this? No worries, we got this for you. Let us be your right hand to craft in detail and professional brand manual for your business and make yourself stand apart from your competitors.

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