Company Namkaran! Things You Need To Keep In Mind.

Naming is the only exciting thing that drives everyone crazy, whether it’s about giving a name to your child or company, it brings the same craziest excitement after all company is also nourished as a child. Every startup or company starts with an idea and that idea makes it stand differently in the crowd.

Once Shakespeare said, there is more than just “in a name”. As per the studies, there is 80% of customers who make their purchasing decision on the basis of the brand name. One word can distract or engage your customer for lifelong. By the company name, the message you are conveying is your USP and secondly your services or product.

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Things should be kept in mind for your Company Name!

Usually, the startup owners have the mindset of naming their company similar to their competitors. They believe that their customers might take their interest in their company by keeping everything similar to their competitors. Apparently, by doing so ou not only start creating negative or false hopes for your company but also uplift the chances of recognizing as the “copied” version. Let our customers know the difference between your and your competitor’s USP. .

You need to clarify yourself with the product or services you are providing. By doing this you will sound more clear to your customers with any loopholes and undefined messages. One strong word and you are done. You don’t have to come up with a descriptive name or the punch line. Come up with the unique word that defines your company differently.

The audience connects easily and loves to feel the unique appearances. Think wisely how your name and logo is going to look in various advertising assets. Just hard work on the surprising looking of your name to your customers.

Your customer should be surprised to see the appearance of your brand.

Power & Energy
Audience hunt for anything that brings energy, your name should carry that power and energy that attracts them easily. This make them share your assets with their friends and community that ultimately boost your brand awareness. Make it powerful and energized.

Don’t forget simplicity is the loudest thing you ever have. The more simple your name and brand identity, the louder it will. It’s always a wise idea to have a name that is simple and reflects your brand personality with ease. Be simple to be innovative.