How a Logo Redesign changed complete business approach/ branding / objective

Design lets the world looks good.

Change is a part of life. It applies not only the human lives but also impacts on businesses. Imagine communicating with the 2020s audience in vintage style. It might look creative and amazing some audience but it should have techniques and tools of the 21st century. After all, today’s audience is way smarter than ever.

Let’s take a min to think over the aspects of rebranding,

How the logo communicates on the behalf of your brand?

The world has witnessed the great stories behind the simple logo design. Leaving the benchmark, the top brands have left the world in shock and we wonder how it’s possible? There is a simple yet creative fact behind making your logo a brand.

A good and simple logo design can lift any business in the Starline and we will tell you how?

Behind every brand, there is a struggle story. It all starts with the NAAMKARAN of the company. People do think over the company name. Naming is the only exciting thing that drives everyone crazy, whether it’s about giving a name to your child or company, it brings the same craziest excitement after all company is also nourished as a child. Every startup or company starts with an idea and that idea makes it stand differently in the crowd.

Now moving ahead how a logo redesign changed businesses so far?


Its a 130 years old brand and we have witnessed its evolution throughout the decades. The brand has always changed its identity fearlessly to engage with the audience of different centuries.

With enormous font style to elements, it never stepped back to indulge with time.



Not so old but yes Instagram is itself an online town. Instagram was launched with two main features of simple photo editing and uploading.within 5 years of its launch, it to itself to the next level and transformed into a huge community keeping the user experience in mind.

It holds the world’s maximum popularity with registered users and keeps itself on top with regular trending updates for users.



The well-known brand has indulged everybody’s mind with the name. The brand has already established the real meaning of quality and technology. Since 1976, apple is ruling the audience’s mind by keeping itself trending with the change.

The brand evolution has always been the talk of the town because the brand always thought for the customers.

The percentage of users may vary but 80% of marketers seem to agree with the approach of the brands and recommends rebranding & redesigning is necessary to engage the customers with time.

Evolution is necessary

  • To be always present in the audience’s mind
  • To protect the brand
  • To match the trend of the era
  • To target new demographics


Redesigning a logo can give you the new way to engage your audience and reach the new era niche as well. It gives the brand new identity with ongoing values and keeps alive.

Sounds good! Pix Brand is one of the agencies that is marking its footprints in the rebranding industry. Our clientele for rebranding and logo redesign has an appreciative recommendation for the world. As a multivendor agency, we enjoy facing challenges to reconstruct your brand identity.