How to promote your Startup- 10 Important tips

Are you confused about how you should market your startup? Your goal is to achieve good results in marketing your business? 2019 Your idea is to convert your startup into a brand, and you are looking for some serious marketing tips? If these are the questions knocking in your mind, we have the right tips for you. This blog will give you a smart solution to market your business effectively.

How to promote your startup.

Converting a startup into a brand is not an overnight task. It requires commitment and consistency for your business. Apart from hard work and consistency, what is that one thing which requires complete attention and strong planning?

Answer is…Marketing /Branding

But being a startup most of our energy goes into task completion and searching for new projects. Especially in India most of the startup are small scale and have a limited budget to market their company. But you have to do it, and for that, you will have to plan it smartly... How? Let’s discuss it!

1. More Email, More lead generation Lists

  • List up to your target customer, share your product/service email with them. Make sure you are preparing this list of email ids organically. Be specific about your product or services, promote one at a time. Do it for a maximum of 10-20 costumers a day to let them feel a personal touch in your email message.

2. Content Is the key

  • Whether it is social media marketing or blog writing, every content should hit the target customer. Your customer must be able to relate to your marketing content. Do strong research on keywords and follow it for any kinda content marketing strategy. Your content must be the answer to your customer’s question. This is how you’ll be able to generate better leads and maximum conversions.

3. Make the Guest Post possible

  • Connect to some noted and industry-specific bloggers, to promote your piece of content on their blog website. This is a paid marketing, so make sure you choose a blog page precisely and give them customer-oriented content because a powerful piece of content will definitely generate a good amount of leads.

4. collaborate with competitors

  • Collaborate with the same business companies who are running their business in the same or different locations. Make a good bond and share your strengths with each other. Get to know their needs. Be a helping hand for their small or big projects. This how you would able to increase your office location and live service providing facility. It also gives a sense of trust to the customer who could see your availability at different locations.

5. Event Marketing works

  • Be a part of local events and exhibitions, reach to as much as people you can. You must not be so specific in attending an event and exhibition. Make your own plan to promote your business in all possible ways. Let them know who you are and what you do.

6. Promotion on Online Sites

  • Your business is B2B or B2C, Online sites and e-magazines are the best way to attract your target customers. There’s Hackernews, TechCrunch, Mashable, SpringWise, Crunchbase, VentureBeat, Vator, FeedMyApp, AboutYourStartup, RateMyStartup, AppVita, TheStartupPitch and StartupTunes. Just try it today.

7. Connect to your customer

  • There is nothing better than mouth publicity, be the favorite of your client so at any moment you should be the first, come in their while thinking of that particular product or services. Promotion by a loyal customer needs no investment, just attention.

8. Being Social

  • In 2020 Being social is all about being active on social media platforms. Attractive designs and effective communication creates a good impact on the audience. Be interactive on social media platforms, resolve their queries so you get better attention and more followers.

9. Alive and attractive site

  • In 2020, your website is your first impression. Even before talking to you they will first google about you, and there you gonna give them your first impression. A smooth and detailed website will create an impact that your well-designed office would never be able to do. So make sure you impressed with your website.

  • These 10 tips will definitely help you to convert your startup into a good brand. But be patient, it is a journey and a process which needs proper attention and consistency. Just be updated and innovate new funds for marketing, so you could match up with market speed and trends.