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We leverage the trendy & upgraded features of iOS for best iPhone apps development to truly modernize and migrate existing legacy data to iOS apps. Our portfolio includes both consumer and enterprise applications in various verticals.

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Pix Brand is the name behind the 250+ iOS Apps, used and loved by Millions, which are custom made keeping in consideration the specific design and development guidelines related to all the individual platforms – iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Our name is considered as a trusted iPhone application Development Agency which has been a ripple effect of all the custom native iOS app services we offer.

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Discover the workflow by Pix Brand which is a secret of the mantra of success. Get your app live in 3 simple easy steps. Our iPhone programmers follow it strictly to make it done quickly.


End-to-end application development


Support and maintenance


Retina display compatible, responsive app development

Proficient Iphone App Development In New Jersey

Pix Brand possesses a team of experts for developing apps for iPhone & transforming your ideas into a feature-filled iPhone solution with upgraded features. From consulting to product strategy to UX/UI development testing, development, we ensure on-time project delivery and prioritize app maintenance to fix technical issues & encourage its potential to get ranked on the app stores.


We believe in delivering success with every step we take

We take care of every step while developing the most awaited IOS app. Right from requirement analysis to designing, development, and testing. These milestones are covered by covering small sub milestones of discussion, analysis, proposing and wireframing of each screen, coding, testing, launching the app on the app store and deploy to the server.

Maintenance & Support

Our iPhone app development process follows a custom agile process that minimizes risk, maximizes your speed and also helps in business transparency. We also provide maintenance and support services post-deployment that help you to be on the top of iOS platform updates and upgrades.

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Objective-C and Swift are two main programming languages used to build iOS apps. While Objective-C is an older programming language, Swift is a modern, fast, clear, and evolving programming language. If you're a new developer who wants to build iOS apps, my recommendation would be Swift.

Pix Brand designs, develops and delivers mobile apps across all the major platforms, including iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. Our mobile app development services include: Business, needs and requirements analysis. ... Project management and a professional development process.

iOS is Apple's mobile OS that runs on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch hardware. ... As an iOS developer, you can program in native languages such as Swift or Objective-C or build cross-platform native applications using React Native (JavaScript) or Xamarin (C# & F#).

The Research. All apps start with an idea, even if yours is just to have a mobile app presence. ...
1. Wireframing. ...
2. Technical Feasibility Assessment. ...
3. Prototype. ...
4. Design. ...
5. Develop. ...
6. Testing. ...
7. Deployment.

According to our average project estimates: a simple iOS app with basic functionality usually takes up to two months to build and costs about $30k. a more complex app that requires more than two months of development will cost about $50k.

A Simple, Table-Based App Would Cost Around $1,000 to $4,000 to Develop. A Database or Native App Would Cost Around $8,000 to $50,000 to Develop. A Game App Could Cost as Little as $10,000 to as much as $250,000.

On average, apps can take anywhere between three and nine months to develop, depending on the complexity of the app and structure of your project. Each stage in the process takes different amounts of time to complete, but the most time-consuming of these tend to include: Writing a project brief: one or two weeks.

In native application development, we use default language and IDE for both Android and iOS, i.e. JAVA/Kotlin with Android Studio for Android and Objective C, Swift with Xcode for iOS.

Cross-platform provides a framework in which coding is done once and can be used to deploy the app in iOS, Android, and Windows phone.