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A Digital Approach to Legal Service.

A website is a digital identity of any profession. At Pix Brand, we take a holistic approach to online marketing and SEO, offering our clients a full suite of services designed to help them build a powerful web presence that not only attracts new visitors but also converts them into paying clients.

Modernity with legality.

For 3 years, attorneys, lawyers, and law firms across the United States have trusted their law firm website design projects to Pix Brand. Our sleek, modern attorney websites, coupled with our stellar customer service and no-nonsense business practices, make the law firm web design process pain-free and rewarding for our clients in the legal community.

law firm web design

What makes our law firm website
design one step ahead to others?

Innovative responsive custom design

Innovative responsive custom design

Pix Brand understands the power of design & words. Once we’ve committed to delivering the quality and the best reflection of yours, we thrive to fulfill that promise by designing you the responsive website.

Easy publishing and controls

Easy publishing and controls

Every day you have to notify with new orders and notification. To make it easy, we’ll develop the functionality of publishing new notices and controlling of editing and addition of the information by yourself.

Keyword research and optimization

Keyword research and optimization

Your profession is of brilliancy and justice and keeping that in mind, our experts dedicatedly and with deep understanding gather the important keywords that steer your persona.

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What makes our Pix Brand web designs different from others?

We begin all law firm web designs with an in-depth analysis of your law firm and your law firm’s strengths. We want to make sure that the main strengths of your law firm are the first thing a visitor notices about your website. We also incorporate certain elements in all our websites that we know will help to encourage contact from your potential clients visiting your website. Keep in mind that visitors are often comparing your website to other law firm websites, so whatever we can do to make your law firm more appealing than your competition, the better your chances are of turning a website visitor into an actual client.

law firm web design

A platform That Acts Big.

We are also an internet marketing company that is proud to represent over 100 client campaigns that cover various practice areas.
We help with SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay-per-click), content writing, and other marketing services.
Once you have a website online, you need to build traffic. There are two primary ways to achieve this: organically or via paid traffic.

Search engines love elite websites

We’re constantly learning the latest guidelines set forth by search engines. Our websites are designed to capitalize on all the features search engines appreciate, which can result in better search engine rankings. Character comes through connecting communities, clients, and people and that’s what we’re trying to do by building you a well-crafted website.

Our Development Process

our process

Designed exclusively
for lawyers

We’re veterans in the legal marketing world, which means we know what works, and what doesn’t. Each design we produce is carefully structured to ensure it does its job: driving traffic and capturing potential client leads.

Easily update
your website

Easily add new case reports, client testimonials, blog posts and achievements, without any tech knowledge. We’ve our own easy-to-use platform, which combines the industry-standard WordPress software, with the features you need as a lawyer.

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