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We all have been crazy when it comes to the coupon, referral, or discount code. Obviously, who doesn’t love discounts?  What if you hear about the app that gives you coupons, vouchers, referral, and discount codes in one place?

Rashid app is a Coupon & Discounts Provider that provides the coupons, vouchers, referral, and discount codes altogether. The requirement was to have a unique and engaging UI design with easy applying code functionality.

Keeping this in mind Pix Brand with excitingly accepted this task and immediately started working on the app design and development that can turn this exciting idea into a unique shape with upgraded technology. All it started with the customized UI design that gives a soothing experience to the user and user-friendly functionality development so that a user can easily get and apply the code and enjoy their shopping stuff. With the promise of “Have Fun.” we delivered Rashid its approachable App design and Development.

  • Brand Identity
  • Product Positioning
  • Image Compositing
  • Touchpoint Design
  • Primary Product Packaging
rashid mobile app
Rashid app
Rashid app
Rashid app
Rashid app

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