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To experience a different world is a dream of every generation. We all have been grown up with the dream of be it studying, living, working, living or traveling abroad. In order to make these dreams come true, there is a wide process. The process needs assistance, guidance, and assurance, and that is provided by Reach2world.

Reach2world intends to guide its clientele with appropriate visa consultancy services and various programs for PR, visa, immigration and various types of permits. To spread this word the company demanded services that can help them out to reach an as wide audience as possible. Pix Brand took this charge and build the trust by crafting a brand logo, building a stunning website and wide audience via expert SEO services. With our xtremely skilled web designers and expert SEO strategy, we made it possible to get the leads for Reach2world. Right from building a responsive website to lead generation, all it takes hard work, dedication, patience, and trust.

We tried to do justice with the company’s name and helped them to Reach 2 world. With the promise of “There is a lot to experience.” we tried to relocate a business to its approachable brand identity.

  • Brand Identity
  • Product Positioning
  • Image Compositing
  • Touchpoint Design
  • Primary Product Packaging

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When a project gets completed, everybody says, “Hey! We did it.”

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