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Ever got arrested with the food website that makes you amaze and tantalize your tongue? If not then this project is what you need to visit once. What makes a food website a successful portfolio? Obviously the artifacts of the website should enhance your taste buds and tantalize your tongue. 


Wienerdog is a Europe based restaurant that serves mouthwatering burgers and dishes with variety. The restaurant was in the hunt for the vendor that brings their thoughts into reality and serve them with the results that are beyond exciting. We took this as a challenge and curiously serve them with brand identity and mouth-watering website design. We include elements that make the user go and visit the restaurant once. 

Wienerdog wanted to keep its identity full of amazing artifacts & wanted it to reflect their special dishes and burgers. We helped them to reflect the USP via the attractive color scheme, engaging brand identity, and stunning UI design. Its minimal artifacts give the user a soothing look and easy to understand information about the business. With the promise of “There is a lot to experience.” we delivered Wienerdog its approachable brand identity.     

  • Brand Design
  • UI Design
  • SEO-friendly
  • Brand Identity  

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