Smart way to create mobile-friendly content

Did you get a responsive website? Ah… That’s not enough.

You are a killer business mind and may have passed the google test but that’s not at all enough. You still need to understand what is really a responsive or optimized website? The website whose content is optimized is considered as a responsive and ideal website. There are other things as well that users care about: videos, images, presentations, slideshows, and many more. All these should be properly showcased on your website.

Its time to check on your website content.

How you can optimize the content?

Catchy Headline is a must

Headline break the silence and shoot the mind in a few words. It not only attract the users but also minimizes the storytelling by reflecting the message in the short and crispy way. As per the SEO experts, six words headline uplift the content and increase the possibility of getting higher clicks. Hence, it the matter of using words wisely. Hit the game and you go on.

Use the amazing and soothing images and videos

Images and videos have their own impact on the viewers. The use of the fresh, bold, and unique image & video content can make you the king, and the market value of your business will be on top. Viewers do remember the amazing content they saw and never step back to share with further. Use this stuff in an appropriate size so that your website can take a load of this stuff.

Have an appealing language

Content matters because people murmur when they readout. The content language and tone should be as friendly, familiar, and engaging as you love to hear. The language also defines your target audience. Use that language that can connect people easily and make sure it should not so lengthy. Lengthy content may take time to load the website.

Understand the reading pattern of the users

Not everybody is familiar with the fact the user to have the reading pattern. The user itself is not aware of this fact but it’s true. There is a pattern in the way the user follows while reading which is comfortable and understanding the pattern can give you the most of the idea to win the game.

The figure indicates the reading pattern follows the ‘F Pattern’. There is a difference in the reading pattern of users reading on mobile from reading on the desktop. The wide surface area of a desktop may have the users preferring right to left reading, it’s way possible that users don’t pay attention to the left side while reading on mobile phones.

So there is no ‘priority optimized portion’ left to focus on.


A quality website gives a new life to businesses and motivates you to bring out something new in every regular time. This keeps you going and always on the top of the mins of your audience. You are not just selling your services but also presenting yourself, your business, and your values and moreover making healthy connections with the users. You are here to bond with your audience as well. So make your content SEO-friendly with smart tricky things.

Campaigns and interactive communication are the limelight of any business and we proudly strategize it with interactive content. Even small information needs words to display. We have a bag of words that can display your information with very interactive formally & professionally and SEO-friendly.