Speed kills: why you must watch your website speed

This post is to anyone who is a badass business mind, coder, or anybody who is definitely into uplifting its brand but unable to trigger out the issue.

You are a killer business mind and always adhere to crack any deal. Despite doing everything you’re missing out something in your online presence. Your website… the website is like a wild card that brings the ball in your court. People do research no matter how impressive your meeting was. They look forward to that boldness in the website as well. What if they found difficulty in loading the website.

Its time to check on your website’s skills.

Why you must watch your website speed?

Human is in a hurry. Catch its attention span.

According to the scientific survey, the human attention span is way shorter than the memory span of a goldfish. Hence, humans need a response in seconds, they lack patience and hence low speed of the website may result in loss of the organic lead. 0.1-second loading time seems instantaneous and 10 seconds barely keeps our attention.

Humans always want to feel control

In the era of running fast, people love the website that accessed in no time. Everything will be good when the situation will be in control. Similarly, with the great website speed, the users feel control in their hands and can flawlessly explore the information they are looking for.

Slow website is a big deal for big companies

If you are dreaming of dealing with big bucks, then a slow website can put you in a big loss. Unsurprisingly, big companies are limited to time and want the web pages to load in a fraction of seconds. A slow website can dissatisfy them and can make them face bad user experience that can impact you and your business negatively.

Website speed greatly affect engagement & conversion

People like speed whether its a ride, working, or website. 30 seconds on a website and the user is the highest possibility of converting into a lead. The loading time depicts the conversion rate and hence decides the respective growth in your sales. A high-speed website means more visitors and higher conversion. If the website is slow how the user is going to engage in your website. Think about it...


A quality website gives a new life to businesses and motivates you to bring out something new in every regular time. This keeps you going and always on the top of the mins of your audience. You are not just selling your services but also presenting yourself, your business, and your values. You are here to bond with your audience as well. So skill check of your website is a highly prior task than any other business meet.

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