Top 5 payment gateway for startups

To all eCommerce startups out there, this is about your best friend…

Payment Gateway!

Almost thousands of startups are established in a country every year and with the startups, the founders are too choosy and restricted towards some resources in order to avoid unwanted expenses. If we talk about the online presence of the businesses, it still a question mark for some businesses to have one. People do think of spending less on the same even after being aware of the fact that the online presence in many ways necessary in this era to grab the desired audience.

In the case of e-commerce startups, the most crucial thing for them is to integrate the best payment gateway to the website. The question still rises for startups to have a reasonable and reliable payment gateway.

Top 5 payment gateway for startups.


The payment gateway is undoubtedly the top choice for every buyer and seller. The easy transfer of national and international payment makes the process hassle-free and you will be relaxed with its on-time transactions. Don’t worry about any fraud, it has all prevention solutions.

Fee: the fees are as per the nature of the transaction. Although there are no additional charges for signing up with Paypal.


This payment gateway has the infinite product suite to manage any type of money flow for your business. It accepts transactions from debit, credits, net banking, UPI, and popular wallets linking.

Fee: Zero annual maintenance plan and withdrawal charges. Other transaction fees can be confirmed from its official website.


As the name suggested, this gateway is the wide choice that is compatible with all types of cards and accounts. Cahsfree popups as per your site’s convenience with seamless checkouts. It also supports UPI, NEFT, IMPS, and Paypal. The payment gateway has the fastest settlement cycle of 24 - 48 hours.

Fee: it goes with the name. ZERO maintenance, annual business requirement, and setup charges.


One of the powerful payment solutions for businesses PayU adheres to have a faster money transfer. The payment gateway allows you to integrate it in many ways like through webpages, blogs, and many more. It also helps you out in the proper record of the transactions you had to date.

Fee: offers zero setups & maintenance fees.


Nothing is hidden about this gateway. Every single user is preferring this payment gateway. Its simple and frequent transfer process for businesses had made it one of the best payment gateway of all time.

Fee: Initial Setup Fees: Rs 5000. Waived as of now. Annual Maintenance Charges: Rs 5000 and Minimum Annual Business Requirement: ZERO


If you are upto launching your ecommerce seup then these payment gateways are more way better to integrate to your website. According to 2020 survey, these platforms are preferable and best for startups and other big businesses as well.

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