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Our zealous skilled team of website developers utilizes the latest cutting edge technology in web development to ensure your website shouldn’t have any issues with speed or compatibility on any device. Anyone can build a website, but there are many more variables our team considers to ensure the success of your brand online.

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Empowering your web identity with our UI/UX design services

Pix Brand a digital face to your enterprise or business with our exquisite UI/ UX design services. At Pix Brand, we aim to deliver customized and cutting-edge design solutions that turn your online presence into a lucrative deal. With the help of creative experts, we are able to develop lasting impressions both interactive and appealing which can surpass the physical boundaries and completely connect with audiences in such a way that is transformative.

Start attracting new customers. Get a UI design that helps your business grow.

UI design is the cutting-edge strategy to create an online presence of a company. It provides an interface to the users, allowing them to connect virtually with a company. Our services assure you to lift your business growth. We brand your digital occurrence user-friendly and consistent.


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There are many companies in countries like Canada, India, Malaysia, Germany, New Zealand, and Japan that are creating a difference in the industry. We are also providing a favorable place to designers and companies to hone their skills by assisting their customers to sell their products to their respective customers by developing different techniques in terms of UI design.

Turn your website concepts into user-centric products

A Robust, scalable and flexible build processes facilitate the effortless management of business-critical systems Professional Strategists, Creative Designers, and expert Developers collaborate to create solutions where form meets functionality Before a project comes into deployment and going live we test Full-scale analytics along with UATs, Functional Tests, Unit Tests.

Monitoring productivity, integration, and x-factor

Our experts are skilled enough to deliver the results with ROI, our development process simple increase the scope of productivity. Our every design is integrated with strong and secure coding that runs on the guidance of the expert developers. Our X-factor is our team who is extremely powered with mindful technology knowledge and can resolve any loopholes in a single finger click.

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Frequently asked questions

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By hiring a UX specialist, you will avoid failed investments in developing features that your users will not want to pay for and shift your efforts to developing only features that make sense for them. Which means that, at the same time, you will limit the costs and increase profitability. Cool, isn't it?

User experience (UX) is the structural representation of the content and features (including usability, navigation, visual hierarchy, information architecture, etc.) of a given product, based on research, data analysis, and knowledge about the motorical and psychological abilities of the end-user group. UX is about making things usable, and practical while keeping the simplest possible visual styling.

The user interface design is focusing on the style, the looks, the colors, the typography and the graphics in general. It is all about the overall feel of a design. The key is to design so that the end-user finds the product easy and fun at the same time. They should enjoy their interaction with the product, otherwise they will not return. User interfaces are how the users interact with the designs and the product. So they have to be easily understandable by everyone. They should be aligned with the functionality aspects mentioned in the UX design section. Only then, we can deliver a great product to the end-user.

This will depend on the time and resource that goes into the whole process. This is shaped by the specifications and requirements of the client, their timeframe and the size of the overall project. Projects with a better UX design tend to have a higher success rate as the user satisfaction will definitely be much higher. Once the UX designs are all agreed on and put in place, getting the visual designs (UI) will be very simple for the UI designer.

We consider many factors such as analyze function point, use case templates and lots more to estimate the overall timeline.

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We use the best tools available in the marketing including Sketch, Photoshop, Adobe XD, Illustrator, Balsamiq, Axure RP, etc.