What makes a great hotel website?

B How would a visitor confirm that he want to stay in the hotel of his choice? Obviously after strong research. Every customer first takes a satisfactory opinion before bookings and when we talk about today’s era. Then nothing is better than a digital presence. Prachar is must, to stand in the crowd. To bring the maximum bookers, you just need to concentrate on building your website to showcase every void of your property.

Here are 5 things that make a great hotel website.

1. Your website should be as responsive as your staff.

Service matters in hospitality so your digital service should also be active than never before. The audience usually doesn’t like waiting and if you convert them into permanent visitor then your website should be responsive, Ask your developer to provide you a responsive template to avoid inconvenience to your audience.

3. Simple Design and clear menu.

Being funky is good but making any design over attracting results in repelling your audience. Just keep your website design simple, decent and elegant as it looks far attractive than anything. And showcase a clear menu with no hidden cost or charges for anything. Being transparent is the next best policy to maintain your customers for the long term.

5. Be a ruler in a bigger region with multilingual.

Obviously your target region is not a single region, afterall you are open to welcome the visitors all over the world. So what if you cant speak multi-languages, let your website do this on your behalf. Have a multilingual translation option on your website so that it would be convenient to your global potential guests. The website isn't only bringing you leads but is also a digital identity of your property and you. So keep these pivotal pointers in your mind in order to welcome permanent visitors.

2. Professionalism should be reflected in your photographs just as your service.

They say the first impression is the last impression and its true. A visitor visits the website just to be sure whether your rooms and ambiance fit their imagination or not. The professional picture does 80% work of attracting your customers as they finalize their booking after checking out the best of the best picture of your every void of the hotel.

4. Active navigation and strong booking engine.

Let your customers feel comfortable with easy navigation. Avoid too much of information landing pages and just get them on board with an easy and hassle-free call to action. In the case of booking engines, make sure your payment gateway works efficiently and securely.