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WordPress is an excellent, user-friendly Content Management System (CMS)
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You should have websites that offer the visitors ease of use, smart navigation, and contemporary design. We are a WordPress consultancy that works with companies seeking to have a more impactful online presence.

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Our in-house team of WordPress designers and WordPress developers are skilled enough to make your website best-in-class and result-driven. No matter the CMS, we’re experienced building a website that is easy to use and easy for you to manage. Based on your needs and requirements we’ll help you to identify if WordPress is the best choice for your website.

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We work with focus with our clients to first identify their business objectives, define a solution strategy and develop a detailed sitemap for implementation.


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WordPress: The future of business.

WordPress, in the hands of an expert, is a fully and easily customizable platform that is an ideal
tool for creating and maintaining your visual identity. With upgraded and easy plugins, you can add
customized forms, visual sliders and other eye-catchy visual elements to your website with
powerful analytics and search engine optimization tools.


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Right from Free WordPress Consulting, Dedicated WordPress Team, and Result-Oriented Workflow.
Consult with our expert hasslefree and of course cost-free. Our skilled is dedicated to you and
available to support you 24x7. When it comes to creating an interactive and feature enriched website, our experts
strictly adhere to a result-oriented workflow.

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WordPress lets you explore the new world with its easy to access plugins and tools.
At Pix Brand we’re expertly creative in crafting WordPress website design for your business.
With the years of experience, we keep the things light and as per your
business requirement. We love to hear from you, we’re just a call away.

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WordPress itself is a free, open-source website creation tool and content management system. However, running a WordPress website, at a minimum, requires the purchase of a domain name and monthly hosting costs. To have a WordPress website professionally developed will usually cost between $1000 and $10,000.
WordPress is an open-source website creation tool and content management system (CMS), written in PHP. It is free to use and supported by a large, global community of users and developers. The WordPress core files are available for download on the website, and need to be uploaded to the website’s root directory.
Every CMS on the market has its pros and cons, so the best CMS is really the one that suits the needs of your business. We have found that WordPress is the best option for most people, due to its intuitive dashboard, integration with hundreds of third party plugins and themes, and scope for customisation.
A WordPress designer is a web designer who uses the WordPress CMS platform exclusively. A web designer may choose to limit themselves to one platform – in this case WordPress – because it allows them to work quickly and efficiently on a platform that is familiar and predictable.
The short answer is yes. WordPress has developed a reputation for being an SEO-friendly platform, and has even been praised by Google as a “fantastic choice”. In addition to being a very good “out-of-the-box” product for on-page SEO, WordPress also offers thousands of plugins and themes that allow for customization and adherence to SEO best practices. The author of one of the most widely used WordPress SEO plugins – Yoast SEO – has become somewhat of an authority on SEO himself.
WordPress is a content management system, allowing you to update content and tweak the design of your website in an easy, efficient manner. If you are not using WordPress to custom design your website one of the first steps in designing a website using WordPress is the selection of a theme – a collection of files that modify the design of your website without affecting the underlying software. This theme will dictate the way your website looks out of the box. WordPress developers can choose to use a WordPress theme in its original state, modify an existing theme, or create a new theme entirely.
WordPress web pages are generally classified as either “posts” or “pages”. Posts are listed in reverse chronological order and are intended for content that is timely. Pages are for one-off content – like your About page – and are timeless entities. When you publish either a post or a page in WordPress, its design and layout will be dependent on what has been specified in the WordPress theme that you are working with.
A CMS is a software application that allows website owners to edit and update the content of their website. CMSs have been instrumental in giving website owners control of their website without the reliance on a developer or web design agency. As such, choosing a CMS that fits the owner’s needs has become a fundamental part of the web development process.
Like a WordPress designer, a WordPress developer is someone who chooses to work exclusively on the WordPress platform. They have the same foundation of skills that you might find in a PHP programmer, but have developed a familiarity with WordPress that enables them to work quickly and effectively.
An experienced WordPress designer can install WordPress to their hosting account, upload a theme and add content to the website within a few days – maybe even hours. A fully customised WordPress website, on the other hand, will take much longer – typically around 6-14 weeks from planning to completion. Like any project, the length of time it takes will depend on its scope and complexity.